Clive Freshwater

Clive spent a lifetime dedicated to coaching in sport and was the founder of Loch Insh Watersports. He started life as a professional footballer playing for Grimsby town and scunthorpe and finally a brief contract with Leeds United as reserve Goalie. After graduating with a teaching degree in Physical Education he moved to Scotland to work at Glenmore Lodge as an Instructor where he met his wife Sally and they laid down plans for a similar centre of their own.

Sally Freshwater

Joint director with Duncan, Jonathan and Andrew, Sally has been involved in every aspect of the business from the start. She continues to lend her advice, support and help when necessary. Visitors to the centre have Sally to thank for the lovely vibrant gardens where she loves to spend her retirement days.

The Boys

Duncan, Andrew and Jonathan combine their collective sporting experience to ensure the Centre continues to deliver high quality, value for money outdoor experiences whatever your age and experience.

Together, they form part of the Board responsible for overseeing the running of Loch Insh and the continued development of the family business, cementing the family legacy for generations to follow.


The journey begins when
Clive purchases the beach at Loch Insh from the local church and set up the Cairngorm Canoeing and Sailing School


During a walk through the woods one day, Clive discovered and old village hall at the top of the hill.
After making a few enquiries he managed to purchase this old tin building and started building the accommodation for the centre.


The old Boathouse gets battered by high water and strong winds forcing a rebuild


Clive begins the first of many large building projects that make Loch Insh what it is today.
Many who new hime would say he was a builder at heart and he truly was never happier than when he had a project on, which from this year was pretty much every year until around 2006 when his full vision was finally realised


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