Loch Insh

Loch Insh sits in the foothills of the Cairngorm Mountains, at the lower end of Glen Feshie.

Here, the River Spey widens to form Loch Insh, creating the perfect setting for you to learn some or all of our wide range of sports in safety.

Glen Feshie

Glen Feshie stretches out behind the centre with miles of great terrain for hill walking and mountain biking, as well as breathtaking opportunities for photography and meditation.

Glen Feshie represents one of the most dramatic examples of rewilding in the UK. It is a beautiful, wild glen with its upper reaches clothed with some of the most magnificent Scots pinewoods in Scotland.

A natural and unspoilt wonderland right on our doorstep for you to explore…..

Low Season

Every season brings its own natural beauty, but Loch Insh remains spectacular all year round.


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