Multi Sport

Multi-Sport Courses

Looking for some grown-up, kid-free time? Send them to us and let us engage, teach and entertain them for a single day or week!

Classes run from 9:30 – 5:00

Multi-Sport days

Don’t have time for a week’s course? Book in for a day to learn the basics from us before you hire equipment from Loch Insh. We can only hire kit to hires who can demonstrate competence to look after the equipment, but most importantly, themselves.

Note: Sailing will involve more than one lesson, and is dependant on the boat used. Our staff will always have the final say, depending on weather conditions, as to whether equipment gets hired out or not on any given day.

Age Groups

To ensure you receive the best instruction possible, we split our groups dependant on age so lessons are pitched at just the right level. Siblings can chose to keep younger siblings company if needed.

During the summer months we offer special days, pitched at 5-7 year olds, which also include face painting and treasure hunts. They focus on keeping the teaching light and the emphasis on safety and fun.

Minimum Age: 5 Years old (summer holidays only)

8 years rest of the year


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