What we offer

At loch Insh we offer a range of expedition methods from cycling, canoeing, kayaking to stand up paddle boarding. All expeditions are offered at Bronze, Silver or Gold Standard. We are also on hand to discuss, suggest and facilitate any expedition ideas you may have.


Our expedition program follows the DofE training framework and we work closely with our groups to provide expedition planning, packing guidance, route cards, map work and camp craft. As well as all the necessary skills for their chosen method of travel.


To qualify, participants will have fulfilled all the necessary training, have completed a successful practice expedition and will be happy with the skills they have learnt. We can then provide an accredited assessor for the final expedition as well as expedition Supervisors and Leaders.

River & Loch Expeditions

For many, the expedition is a big part of their DofE journey, and great stepping stone to the outdoors. Whether you choose to explore the river by canoe, the Loch by stand-up paddleboard or the hills of the Cairngorms by foot, your expedition is a experience you'll never forget. At Loch Insh have an experienced and friendly team of DofE Supervisors, Leaders and Assessors to take participants through their expedition journey.

Bronze £275 per person
3 Days training
Practice 2 Day expedition
Qualifying 2 Day expedition
Silver £345 per person
3 Days training
Practice 3 Day expedition
Qualifying 3 Day expedition
Gold £425 per person
3 Days training
Practice 3 Day expedition
Qualifying 4 Day expedition
Whats provided All sports equipment
Dry bags
what to bring Tents
Cooking gear
Sleeping bags


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