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RYA Windsurfing Scheme

The RYA scheme is an easy and accessible way to progress in this exciting sport. Stages are individually certificated courses for you to log your progression and recognise your achievements from beginner to expert.

Stage 1 gets you on the water, sailing the board across the wind and back. From this first taster, you'll be hooked and in no time will be blasting across the water. Once you've got to Stage 4, why stop there? You have all the skills to move on to the advanced courses and clinics in the National Windsurfing Scheme.

Minimum age 8 years
Maximum places 12 (6:1 Ratio)
Minimum number 2
Whats provided Wetsuit Buoyancy aid, Booties,
Lockers and Hot Showers
What to Bring Warm Jacket (for onshore lessons to wear over wetsuit)
Don't forget to bring a towel.

Intermediate Progression

If you already windsurf and are stuck learning to waterstart or carve gybe then Loch Insh is the perfect place for you to learn more advanced skills. Our Instructors will give you a wealth of information to work on and kick start your progression no matter how long it's been since you last windsurfed.

How about joining a club?

If you would like to join a club and meet the coolest windsurfers aged 15 and under, then Team15 is for you! You'll get together every week, have a great time and learn new skills. Team15 is a Nationwide network of youth windsurfing clubs, offering weekly sessions at affordable prices, with an emphasis on fun. The Loch Insh Monsters meet Saturday afternoons from 2-4pm between April and October. We need you to help win back our Scottish champions status, which we lost last year for the first time in 8 years.

One to one

Private Lessons

Booking in for a one hour private might just be enough time to iron out your stance or tweak the landing on those loops!

Call us on 01540 651 294

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Start a Career

Instructor Training

Teaching within the RYA Windsurfing Scheme is progressive - you can develop your skills and qualifications by taking endorsement courses, working towards Senior Instructor level.

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