Hire available anytime

Hire available daily from 10:00 - 5:00 April - November

Novices must take a lesson to learn the basics of rig handling, to keep them from damaging the equipment, themselves and others.

Loch Insh is blessed with a clean wind whistling down the valley which, when complimented by the one mile length of the Loch Insh, creates the perfect location for windsurfing. This dynamic sport has much to offer as well as being the perfect introduction to the board balance required for surfing, and the wind awareness required for kite surfing.
It has never been easier to learn.
Choose from a wide selection of equipment for all ages to take you right through from zero to hero!

Beginner Kit 1.5 hours £20 / 3 hours £30
Intermediate Kit 1.5 hours £35 / 3 hours £45
What's Provided Great Goya and Oshea windsurf kit, buoyancy aid,
Hot showers
and a wetsuit
Swimming trunks & don't forget to bring a towel
Experience Novices must do a taster lesson before hiring
Group Sessions Minimum age 8 years
Private lessons Minimum age 4 years

Group lessons

Join one of our 2-Hour group lessons for £35pp that give you plenty of time to get to grips with windsurfing in a safe and friendly environment. By the end you should be able to sail back and forth on your own and understand how to turn and self-rescue.

Private Lessons

Another way to get a taste of the sport is a private lesson after which you can continue to practice providing the weather is right. A private lesson is for up to 2 people and is £75 for 1-hour and £140 for 2-hours.
We also offer private coaching to intermediate and advanced levels if you need to crack the water start, get plaining for the first time or perfect the carve gybe.
Our talented RYA instructors can help you out one on one whatever you need. Call the beach to schedule a private lesson on 01540 651 294


The next step is to look at doing one of our RYA courses working towards getting your level one, a license that lets you rent kit all over the world.
Level one is also the minimum required ability for kids to join the RYA Team 15 national windsurf program.

Done it before?

Equipment hire

Rock up whenever the wind blows and hire any of our huge range of Goya/ Oshea boards and sails from 7.4 down to 2.0 We have something for everyone.

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Join the club


RYA Team15 National Windsurf Program is an amazing collection of clubs based all over the country, allowing your kids affordable access to windsurfing in your area, wherever you live.

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